fredag 27. november 2009

Dancer in the Dark

So, another great concert in Kathmandu! Yesterday me, the Norwegian students and a bunch of great colleagues had concert at Electric Pagoda, an excellent spot in Thamel, the tourist district of Kathmandu City. Not only was it great to perform there, but we also had a "dancer" to join us. Jimi is his name, and he dances whenever there is some music going on. I actually saw him on my first night here, when there was a concert in Garden of Dreams. Same thing, dancing for hours! He got his name because he met Jimi Hendrix when he was ten years old!! Meaning: he is in his 60-70's! Ok, so maybe he was a tiny bit high on something, but I must say that it was an inspiring, magical experience. Singing good old Stevie Wonder-tunes with this man dancing full of joy and energy in front of me. Singing together with me, enjoying the music from the bottom of his heart. Soul. That was soul, he was the music!

For all my music therapy friends: I must say that music here is perceived on a much deeper level than I tend to see in Norway. It is not only about being good, technically skilled or "showing off". It is linked to spirit. The musicians here are definitely technically skilled, but their appreciation, love and spirituality towards music is so visible. I always get a rush from playing, singing, dancing here. I can let go of my critical, judging and analyzing ego (eh, that is sometimes at least) and just be in the music. I feel that many of the things I have experienced lately in professional means have been emotionally significant to me. I am really living, and I feel that my job is a part of me, the person I am. It feels good - it is not separated from the life I am living.

I am very thankful these days. I will never stop being thankful for the wonderful opportunity to be here, in the middle of beautiful people, music, culture, nature, challenges, students, life. It's all good!

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