søndag 22. november 2009

Getting fans in Kathmandu!

I guess it isn't necessary to say that the reason for writing a little too seldom, is that I am nicely busy and happy here! The Nepali feeling is really going to my heart now, and I can't even begin to express how thankful I am for every little thing I get to experience here! And now I have finally got to start up with my classes! So far I like all of my students! I think that when all the groups are settled (still working a bit on that..takes Nepali time...;-)) I will have around 40-50 students. Nice challenge! But I must say that with the lifestyle here, and the way of being, I am so much less stressed here than I was in Norway! Things are just happening in a very relaxing tempo, but still I feel more ambitious than ever. I have so many objectives for this year, and I just have to watch out so I don't eventually GET stressed!!

Nowadays we have Norwegian visitors from the University of Agder. Three music students are here for ten days to teach their instruments and have concerts. I join them for the concerts, and our first one was at Friday, at a great place called Attic. Lots of people, and many of the colleagues supporting us! After the concert one of my colleagues came to me and told me that her friends had become fan of me and wanted my autograph! Haha, nice! Today me and Svein, the folk musician who also works at Nepal Music Center, also had a very great concert at Budhanilkantha School. The school lies about half an hour away from Kathmandu City, and it has 900 pupils! I think almost all of them were present at our concert! We presented some of our Norwegian folk music, and it was GREATLY appreciated! By the way I love the way of the concerts here: the musicians sit on wide, soft pillows, together. None of the artists are given more attention, everybody sits together. Not the singer in front, which is so typical in our ways of performing. I like the way! Afterwards, when we passed the pupils, they really showed us such appreciation and gratitude, and that was overwhelming. In the end I had a bunch of cute girls coming to me, asking for my e-mail adress! Haha! I especially liked one of the comments: "Oh, you sound like an OPERA singer!!" That was pretty interesting, considering I didn't sing anything close to opera at all. Haha. Anyway, there might be some more young vocal students coming my way... ;-)

So all in all I have some new fans here, I get lots of chances to perform, I have great challenges at work, and the people that surround me are beautiful. I feel that I am so well taken care of. I love the feeling of getting up at 7 am in the morning, walking the 100 meter distance to our cantina to join some of my colleagues for a cup of dudh ciyah (milk tea) or kalo kaphi cini nahaliko (black coffee without sugar)! That's how the day is started, gently and smooth, and then we are ready for work! Ekdam raamro! Meaning: "extremely nice/good". Malai khushi lagyo! I feel good!!

Next project is getting my fan club started here! Haha! :-D

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  1. Du har berre eit heilt fantastisk spanande liv for tida (og sikkert eigentleg nesten alltid, sidan du er typen som oppsøkjer fart og spenning av det gode slaget). Det høyrest verkeleg ut som du trivst, og har det kjempekjekt. Det er da litt av ei erfaring å ta med seg viare også! Du er tøff som tør å følgje draumane dine. Det er slett ikkje mange som tør å setje seg på eit fly til Nepal, heller ikkje søkje seg arbeid der.

    Eg skjønar godt at du allereie har byrja å få tilhengjarar:) -Ann Helen- Ho frå ppu du veit;)